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Pan & Tilt Smart Wireless Security Camera

SKU: SS- 21881-05

Introducing our advanced wireless security camera, boasting Full High Definition resolution at 1080P (FHD) and equipped with a powerful 2.0-megapixel lens for unparalleled clarity.

This wireless security camera comes with night vision infra-red detection, rest assured that your surroundings are monitored with precision even in the darkest hours. Experience seamless control from anywhere with the ability to remotely operate the camera in all directions—up, down, left, and right—providing a wide 355° horizontal and 45° vertical view. Customize your security settings with three levels of motion detection—low, medium, and high—ensuring tailored sensitivity to your environment. This wireless security camera is equipped with advanced technology enabling you to receive instant notifications on your phone or tablet, keeping you informed of any detected activity. This security camera also has sound detection features to adds an extra layer of security. This wireless security camera will allow you to engage in real-time communication with the Two-Way audio feature through the Brilliant Smart app, regardless of your location, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Our innovative tracking cameras are designed to seamlessly follow detected movement, ensuring continuous monitoring and guidance in the same direction. Accessing recorded footage is effortless—simply use your smartphone to view the encrypted SD card recordings securely through the BrilliantSmart app. Our Wireless Security Camera offers maximum security and accessibility, allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere with ease. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with Brilliant Smart devices, providing automation and integration options via IFTTT for enhanced functionality and control. For a limited time, seize the opportunity to safeguard your home with confidence and unparalleled convenience, all at a discounted rate of 30%. Don’t miss out on this advanced security solution—protect your home today!



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  • Full high definition resolution 1080P (FHD) camera 2.0 megapixel camera, including night vision infra-red detection
  • Remotely operate the camera up, down, left and right with 355° horizontal and 45° vertical view
  • 3 levels of motion detection low, medium and high to customise the sensitivity. Sends a notification to your phone/tablet. Sound detection to activate camera giving you an extra level of security
  • Two-Way audio. Allows you to speak and listen through the BrilliantSmart app no matter of your location provided you have an internet connection
  • Tracking cameras are designed to follow the detected movement and guide the camera in the same direction
  • Manually record live video direct to your phone through the BrilliantSmart app.
  • MicroSD memory card slot – 128Gb max. Recording is motion activated if SD card installed (card not included)
  • Access recordings from anywhere with your smartphone. Recorded SD card footage is encrypted and can only be viewed through the BrilliantSmart app
  • Compatible with BrilliantSmart devices via automation & IFTTT

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