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22W Outdoor LED Security Light

SKU: SS- 19245 -06

Outdoor LED security light is great for use in gardens, patios, exterior walls, and walkways.

This 22W outdoor LED security light boasts an ultra-bright and long-life 11W COB LED chip, projecting a broad beam of 4200K color temperature light. This outdoor security light has an advanced PIR motion sensing covers a wide area with a sensor range of 150 degrees x 10 meters. Its head is fully adjustable for flexible positioning and this security light can be mounted in walls or ceilings. This outdoor light is made from the durable diecast aluminum construction ensuring its longevity. It comes with 2 x 11W LED lights offering 1500 lumens. This outdoor security light has a rating of IP44 to protection against solid objects and water splashes.  This LED light is a reliable choice for outdoor security lighting, offering high performance without dimming capabilities.


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  • Ultra bright and long-life 11W COB LED Chip
  • Projects a broad beam of light
  • Advanced PIR motion sensing
  • Sensor range of 150 degrees x 10 metres
  • Fully adjustable head
  • Made from durable diecast aluminium

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