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20W Exterior LED Security Light

SKU: SS- 20784-05

This exterior LED security light is suitable for installation on both walls and ceilings under eaves.

20W exterior LED light is constructed from durable UV-stabilized polycarbonate. This advanced motion detection light offer a rust-free solution perfect for coastal environments. This outdoor security light comes in colour temperature of 4200K and it produces 2100 lumens of light. Ideal for outdoor applications in walkways, gardens and patios this LED security lights offers a clear illumination and keep the intruders away from your property. This lights is equipped with IP54 rating ensures protection against dust and water splashes, making it suitable for outdoor use. Featuring a wide sensor range of 150 degrees x 12m, it enhances security by detecting motion effectively. Our exterior security light it comes with a generous 3-year warranty, offering peace of mind for its longevity and reliability. Search for more security lights in New Zealand.


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  • Modern design LED floodlight that can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling under the eaves.
  • Made from durable UV stabilised polycarbonate
  • Advanced PIR motion sensing
  • Rust free solution that is ideal for coastal environments
  • Colour Temperature – 4200K
  • Light Lumens – 2100lm
  • IP Rating – IP54
  • Sensor Range 150 Degrees x 12m
  • Warranty 3 Years

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