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10W Low Profile LED Downlight


Our Low Profile LED Downlight offers durability and sleek design.

Enhance your space with our advanced low profile LED downlight, designed for optimal performance and a sleek aesthetic with a height of only 42mm, perfect for installations in limited ceiling spaces. This versatile downlight features selectable color temperatures—3000K for a warm, cozy atmosphere, 4000K for a natural, balanced light, and 5700K for a bright, energizing daylight effect—allowing you to customize the lighting to suit any mood. This low profile LED downlight is made from full aluminum, including both the body and trim, it offers superior heat dissipation and durability. The installation process is simplified with a large looping terminal block on the driver, and safety is prioritized with an SAA-approved driver. Rated IP44 for water resistance, this low profile LED downlight is ideal for various applications, and its IC-4 classification means it can be safely covered with building insulation. Shop for more LED downlights that are sold at reasonable prices.


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  • Low profile – only 42mm height
  • Colour selectable downlights – choose at the flick of a switch. 3,000K, 4,000K or 5,700K
  • Building insulation may cover driver
  • Full aluminium construction body and trim for extended LED life
  • Easy large looping terminal block on driver for quick and easy installation
  • SAA safety approved driver
  • IP Rating: IP44
  • Downlight Classification:IC-4

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