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Smart Interconnect Smoke Alarm

SKU: SS-21927-05

This smart smoke alarm comes with 10 years warranty on its battery.

This Smart WiFi Interconnected Smoke Alarm is a 10 year Lithium battery powered smoke alarm with an in-built 2.4GHz wifi module and wireless RF connectivity. A Smart WiFi Smoke Alarm used as a coordinator or “hub” will alert everyone in your family with an early warning to each phone, even if you’re not at home. You can integrate with other smart products, like lights, to also give a visible warning in an emergency that they have been activated.


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  • Wireless interconnectivity, surface mount smoke alarm
  • Powered by 10 year lithium battery (non-replaceable)
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
  • Easy on/off switch located under unit
  • Stand alone unit, or wirelessly interconnect up to 22 smoke and/or carbon monoxide units
  • Mesh bug filter to protect sensing chamber
  • Electronics coating to prevent build up of heat and condensation caused by humidity and high temperatures
  • Sensor interference filter technology to reduce false alarms
  • Anti-static chamber to repel dust and reduce false alarms
  • Single button test and hush feature, with low battery hush
  • Fully supervised, secured and monitored via wifi
  • 10 year warranty on the battery
  • ActivFire certified, AS 3786:2014 +A1:2015 +A2:2018
  • Interconnects with Interconnect Smoke Alarm SKU: SS-21926-05

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