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Orca Wireless Interlink Smoke Alarm


Secure your home with the Ocra’s Best Smoke Alarms.

Introducing the Orca Wireless Interlink Smoke Alarm, equipped with cutting-edge features to ensure your utmost safety. Its high sensitive photoelectric sensor detects smoke from slow smoldering fires, making it an ideal choice for living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. These smoke alarms has a convenient test button allowing you to check that your alarm is functioning optimally at all times. These smoke alarms are the best in the market as it prioritize longevity. These smoke alarms has a long-life built-in lithium battery, ensuring years of reliable operation without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. Moreover, its extra loud warning tone ensures that you and your loved ones are promptly alerted in case of an emergency. Orca Wireless Interlink Smoke Alarm are the best smoke alarms knowing that your home is protected by advanced technology designed to prioritize your safety and peace of mind.



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  • Photoelectric sensor – best at sensing smoke from slow smouldering fires
  • Ideal for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms
  • Test button
  • Hush feature
  • Long-life built-in lithium battery
  • Extra loud warning tone
  • Low battery warning
  • Black coloured option available on request
  • Fully compliant with NZ Building Code (Certified to EN14604:2005)
  • Meets NZ Government 2016 Rental Housing Legislation
  • Complies with NZS 4514:202
  • Warranty – 10 Years 

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