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PIR Sensor 240V Surface Mounted


The 240V Surface Mounted PIR Sensor is a high-performance motion detector specifically engineered for security applications. Operating at 240 volts, this sensor employs Passive Infrared technology to precisely sense motion within its designated area. Designed for convenient surface mounting, it provides reliable and efficient motion detection, making it an ideal choice for enhancing security systems in both residential and commercial settings.


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  • Switched power 1600W incandescent, 500W, fluorescent, 200W LED
  • Standby power <1W
  • Detection distance Max. 12 m in diameter
  • Detection angle 360° , Duration Time / 10sec / 4min adjustable
  • Dawn to dusk adjustable, mounting height max. 3m
  • Manual override mode: When the lamp(s) is switched on, turn the lamp(s) off/on twice within 3 seconds, the sensor will go to an 8 hour override mode, during which the lamp(s) will stay on. The sensor will then return to normal detection mode During override mode, turn the lamp(s) on/off twice within 3 seconds or turn off the lamp(s) for over 10 seconds, the sensor will return to normal detection mode
  • Performance
  • Dimmable – NO
  • In Built Sensor – YES
  • Sensor Type – PIR

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