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3 x 10W LED Track Lights

SKU: SS-22128-05

This kit has 3 X 10W LED Track Lights and includes other accessories required for installation.

Introducing our versatile track lighting kit, designed to illuminate spaces with precision and efficiency. With adjustable directionality boasting 350-degree knuckle rotation and 60-degree vertical movement, it enables precise positioning to meet your lighting needs. Easily switch between warm white (2700K), cool white (4000K), and daylight (6300K) color temperatures for customizable ambiance. Despite its lower wattage output, it delivers ample lumens, ensuring brightness without excessive energy consumption. Expandable with additional track lengths and spotlights, it offers scalability to suit diverse environments. Plus, its dimmable feature adds further control over lighting intensity, providing the perfect solution for any indoor setting.


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  • Adjustable direction to aim light where required. 350 degree knuckle rotation, 60 degrees up and down
  • Easily change colour temperature (CCT) from warm white 2700K, cool white 4000K to daylight 6300K using the switch located on the rear side of the head.
  • Delivers a high level of lumens with a lower wattage output.
  • Can be extended by adding another track length by utilising the straight track joiner (included)
  • Additional Spotlights can be added (recommend 5 maximum per metre)
  • Dimmable
  • Complete Track kit includes:
    1 metre of track, 3 x LED Track Lights, 1 x Dead Track End, 1 x Live Track End, 1 x Straight Track Joiner

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