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Linkable Linear Pendant 1500mm


This linear pendant is popular lighting solution for modern office spaces. These fixtures offer both functional illumination and aesthetic appeal. First and foremost, they provide even and ample illumination across the workspace. This uniform light distribution helps reduce glare, shadows, and eye strain, creating a more comfortable and productive environment.



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  • Suitable for commercial in interior installations.
  • Material Aluminium
  • Shape – Rectangle
  • Colour- Black
  • Supplied with 2M adjustable suspension cable
  • Lifespan – 50,000hours(L70)
  • Light direction – Up/Down LED
  • Mounting – Suspended Or Surface Mounted
  • Linking: All pendants are supplied with 2M length adjustable suspension cables and straight link accessory included. Link up to 11 of the pendants together (max 400W)

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