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LED Driver 75W 24V 3.12A

SKU: SS-EV-SNR-75-24

75W 24V LED Driver offers a constant current supply to electrical circuits.

This 75W LED Driver features the perfect blend of affordability and quality. With a power rating of 75W and 24V output at 3.12A, it ensures optimal performance for your lighting needs. This 24V LED Driver complies with AU/NZ safety standards and offers  protection against open circuits, short circuits, overloads, and overtemperature situations. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and cost-effective LED driver powering your lighting system. We offer 5 years of warranty for this 24V 75W LED Driver.


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  • High Cost Performance, SELV.
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting.
  • Open circuit / Short-circuit/overload /overtemperature protection.
  • Compliance to ERP directive.
  • Screw terminals for easy installation
  • Warranty – 5 years 

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