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Combo – 10W Tri-Colour Dimmable LED Downlight + 70MM Plug Base


Upgrade your lighting experience with our exclusive combo pack featuring a high-performance 10W LED downlight paired with a convenient 70mm plug base.

The 10W Dimmable LED Downlight along with a matching 70 mm Plug Base is offering a seamless and energy-efficient lighting solution.  This LED downlight delivering an impressive brightness ranging from 780 to 850 lumens and its cutting-edge design caters to modern aesthetics. With a manageable cutout size of 90mm, installation of this downlight is much easier. This LED downlight is famous for its longevity offering an extensive lifespan of 50,000 hours. The inclusion of a 0.6M lead and plug simplifies the installation process, allowing for flexibility in placement and reducing the need for additional components. Experience customizable lighting with the dimmable feature, compatible with both trailing and leading edge dimmers. This functionality lets you create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, providing versatility and control over your lighting environment. Whether you’re looking to enhance the lighting in your home, office, or any other space, our 10W LED downlight offers a blend of efficiency, style, and ease of installation.



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  • 10W Tri-Colour Dimmable LED Downlight + 70MM Plug Base
  • 10 Watts, 780 to 850 Lumens
  • Cutout: 90MM
  • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
  • Fitted with 0.6M Lead & Plug
  • Dimmable (Trailing/Leading Edge)
  • Approved to Standard AS/NZS 60598.2.2; 60598.1
  • Warranty – 3 Years 

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