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LED batten lights are becoming an increasingly popular lighting solution for both residential and commercial settings. LED battens offer a range of benefits over traditional lighting options, such as fluorescent tube lights. In this blog, we’ll explore these benefits and highlight the best LED batten lights available at Sparky Shop in New Zealand.

Energy Efficiency

LED battens are incredibly energy-efficient, using up to 80% less energy than traditional fluorescent lights. This means that not only will you save on energy bills, but you’ll also be doing your part for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. LED batten lights would help you save money on your monthly power bills.

Long Lifespan

LED batten lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, lasting up to 50,000 hours or more. This means that you’ll spend less time and money on replacing bulbs, and you’ll also be reducing the amount of waste generated by discarded bulbs.

Instant Lighting

Unlike traditional fluorescent lights, LED batten lights provide instant lighting, without the need for warm-up time. This means that you’ll have immediate full brightness, which is especially useful in commercial settings where lighting needs to be turned on and off frequently.

Customizable Lighting

LED batten lights come in a range of colors and brightness levels, allowing you to customize your lighting to suit your needs. You can choose from warm or cool lighting, and even adjust the brightness level to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

Sparky Shop in New Zealand offers a range of high-quality LED batten lights that are perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Their range includes the popular Luceco Eco Batten, which is energy-efficient and easy to install. They also offer the Vibe LED Batten, which provides instant bright light and is perfect for commercial spaces.

LED batten lights are a great investment for anyone looking to save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy customizable lighting options. And with Sparky Shop’s range of quality LED batten lights, you can be sure to find the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

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